Here’s an AWARD WINNING voice over I did for Google Nest for their Nest Protect system. I won the VOX AWARD for “Best Female Voice Over Performance 2016”

2016 was the first year that the VOX Awards started being judged by leaders within the Audio/Media industry as opposed to being a popularity vote. My nomination was picked as the best by the following wonderful people, to whom I am eternally grateful:

Jane Savage – Calypso Voices

Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong – Honey Voice Productions

Chris Ward – Group Head at Mercieca

Nigel Duthie – Senior Editor at Sky

James McWilliams – Video Manager at Disney

Samantha Barter – Head of on-air branding at DreamWorks

Jack Hallett – Factory Studio (London)


You can read all about my WINNING this industry award here: